Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Short, Uninteresting Musing

You know, someone needs to tell my brain I'm not having a baby.  It seems to be waking me up every two hours on average, so I'm thinking it wants me to feed something.  So I got up and ate a KitKat.  Problem solved.


  1. Tell your brain, what.

    Dang, I feel like I should be able to pitch you back a deft, sly rejoinder here, with all sorts of smart, jokey, winky (but totally non-creepy, though) implications that would just be refreshing and revivifying for you. Well I guess that when your brains not working, it's the thought that counts.

    A KitKat's not going to help you! Have some fresh summer fruit. Or is it in season yet? Get yourself a delicious plum, with its sweet burst and drizzle of juice and tart purple skin that breaks upon your teeth like a crisp cold breeze.

    KitKat! Come on.

  2. The crispy sexy fruit would certainly be lovely and healthy and admirable but really Doggy. Would it have the satisfying snap of a KitKat bar? Or the chocolatey, hypnotic peacefulness that comes with every bite? No. End of argument. :)

    P.S. it was a "fun size" KitKat or as I prefer to call them "Disappointingly small sized".