Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Please Note:

Brief note to self and other interested parties:

When a friend shows you her newborn baby and with hushed tones and misty eyes, whispers, "Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!"  the correct response is not, "Do you know who Alfred Hitchcock is?  She looks exactly like  him!"



  1. Tres faux pas, V.A.! Did they get offended because you asked if they knew who Hitchcock was? I know a lot of people the same way. They'll be all "!" "Of course I know who Albert Hitchcock is!"

    In a situation like that, to dodge the topic you could just say, "Adorable!" And then after a few moments, start humming the theme...continuously, while gazing lovingly upon the jowly features of their burgeoning little master/mistress of suspense.

  2. Hm. Those are really two separate comments. The second paragraph isn't referring to the first, it's referring to the post.